Annual review 2018 – Prof. Dr. Tobias Melz

Dear Customers and Partners of Fraunhofer LBF,

2018, our anniversary year, is behind us – and it was definitely an exciting, eventful year.
We have worked intensively with you and accomplished much that we are proud of.   Read more

Thank you for your trust!

Partnerships flourish out of communication.

Safe – digital – foresighted! Fraunhofer LBF celebrates 80 years of systematic research!

In addition to lightweight construction, which has been the central idea throughout the long history of Fraunhofer LBF, digitalization is another key topic of the institute. In all industrial sectors, this trend opens up exciting, brand new perspectives and product solutions ...    Read more

Projects in our target markets

Fraunhofer LBF reaches different markets through ist specific portfolio of skills and services. Customers come mainly from the vehicle and machine construction segments and from the chemical industry. However, the institute also provides innovative R&D services for other sectors, such as  energy technology, medical technology, measuring and testing technology, security and & defenxe, electrical / electronic engineering or design engineering / construction. 

Zielmarkt Fahrzeugbau – Modernes Auto vor Großstadt

Vehicle construction

Solutions for conventionally and alternatively driven road and rail vehicles as well as for shipping and aerospace
Project example

Zielmarkt Maschinenbau – Arbeiter in Blaumann mit Helm

Machine construction

Improving precision, energy efficiency, lightweight properties and application dynamics
Project example


Zielmarkt Chemie – HPLC-Anlage

Chemical industry

New custom-designed plastics or plastic composites, along with the relevant processing technologies.
Project example

Zielmarkt Energietechnik – Solarenergie, Windenergie

Energy technology

Optimization of resource efficiency and reliability
Project example


Zielmarkt Mess- und Prüftechnik – Hochfrequenztechnik

Measuring and testing technology

Monitoring of structures and systems, e.g. by means of innovative, energy self-sufficient sensor networks
Project example

Zielmarkt Sicherheit und Verteidigung – Bundeswehrauto in unwegigem Gelände

Security and defense

Optimization of the operational behavior of safety-relevant components and systems in mechanical and automotive engineering
Project example

Zielmarkt Elektrik / Elektronik – Moderne Platine

Electrical / electronic engineering

Optimization of construction methods and ensuring the structural durability of electronic assemblies
Project example

Zielmarkt Konstruktion / Bau – Brücke mit Halteseilen

Design engineering / construction

Improving the acoustic properties of materials, components and systems, improving the environmental and health compatibility of materials
Project example

Zielmarkt Forschung / Bildung – Versuchsaufbau mit Modelleisenbahn


Encouraging and challenging the next generation of scientists. Project example



Sonstige – Bügeleisen im Versuchsaufbau


Ensuring excellent results with maximum benefit for customers and project partners. Perspective


Research Divisions

We use our core competencies in structural durability, smart structures and plastics across all departments and achieve optimum benefit for our customers with innovative system solutions.

LBF Management Team

Jointly for your success! – This view is reflected by Fraunhofer LBF management team together with around 400 employees.    Overview


In our key service areas Vibration technology, Lightweight design, Reliability and Polymer technology, we are committed to developing systems-based innovative solutions from product design to verification, tailored to our customers and destined for present and future markets. This is the purpose of our research. 

Strong prospects – strong projects.

Out of the market we get alway new prospects. In the past and over time, we have developed groundbreaking projects from a wide variety of perspectives. We also initiated a range of applications in 2018 that will enable us to continue shaping the future in our target markets Prospects